Property info Arvind Oasis Bengaluru

Sustainability and convenience guaranteed


The Arvind Group spared no expense and not compromised to make sure it could give you a protected, lively apartment. It has included various features, which often many overlooks. It is not only presenting a beautiful, elegant structure but also made its interiors solid and distinct.

Every room is resolute to withstand an Earthquake since it is a potential seismic zone. To strengthen the structure and to provide safety, The Arvind Group inculcated RCC Framed Structure Building along with Concrete Solid Block Masonry. The corridors are wide and equipped with fire alarm and fire sprinklers to act immediately in such an unfortunate incident.

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It is building in an open area, yet strategically placed to allow you to ripe the maximum benefits. Besides the healthy and elegance appearance, the root of the project is dug deep. To provide you with the first-rate quality and experience in your homes, Arvind did not compromise on the quality and strength of each home. As generally, we have seen in other Arvind constructed apartments, they always constitute the covered car still parking in the basement.

It is understandable by now that there are too many competitive apartments in that realty magnet location. But what marks the deciding vote: the amenities that come along with your home. Even the most high-end projects will face severe pushback if the facilities are not cleverly drawn up to aid the dwellers. Without the expert and necessary facilities, the projects with specific flawless interior designs and build on a great, elite high connectivity location will look into its downfall. It is so because the credibility of such projects requires to provide you with the daily necessities to keep the dwellers in the path of wholly refreshing recreation.

To prevent the buyers from walking lengths for necessary civic conveniences, the Arvind Oasis has been equipped with beautiful landscape and a senior park, to enjoy the freshness and purity of mind.

Children living in Arvind Oasis will have the option of recreation in the leisure parks. Adults can swim or spend their free time doing workouts in gym consisting of all required machines. There are even walking tracks, jogging tracks, and cycling tracks for the convenience of the residents. Once a customer gets a good idea about what Arvind Oasis has to offer, he or she will find it a hard place adjusting somewhere else. Also, the apartments provided at Arvind Oasis project are spacious and have excellent air and light flow passages. As a result, the residents will be guaranteed to enjoy a lifestyle filled with comfort and harmony. The unique plan and execution of those plans successfully are what has made the Arvind Oasis unique. The competitions have all been curbed, and at present, there is no better project undergoing at Bengaluru.

The Arvind Group always considers its customer's preferences and need. After that, they have allocated the required configuration of space and size for the various apartments. For nuclear families, 2 BHK apartments are enough. For those who want to live more freely, the 3 BHK apartments are perfect. As for the ones who need a lot of space, the 3 BHK apartments of Arvind Oasis are up to the task for delivering a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle.

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